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A History of Resolving Disputes

Some of the signature strengths of the Law Office of Martinus L. Johnson, Jr, PLLC are litigation and dispute resolution. For more than three decades, Marty Johnson has litigated cases in courts throughout Washington State. Whether you have a claim to pursue or need a lawyer to defend you or your company against claims, we can tailor a strategy that serves your legal interests. If you are involved in a disputed matter, put the voice of experience to work for you.

Let a voice of experience serve alongside you and offer options and paths to the efficient resolution of disputes. You will get the attention you need, a loyal advocate, and the independent professional judgment that you deserve. Marty is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London) and received Professional Mediator Training at The Straus Institute.


Top Rated Lawyer in Litigation

Litigation Experience

• Representation of Individuals Hurt in Automobile Accidents
• Workers Injured at Jobs/Severe Construction Site Accidents
• Defective Products Causing Injury to Property, Homes, or People
• Cases Involving Wrongful Death of Children and Adults
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Bicycle Accidents
• Car-Pedestrian Accidents
• Uninsured Motorist Claims
• Underinsured Motorist Claims
• Brain Injury Cases
• Claims Against a Major Restaurant Chain to Remedy Title VII Employment Discrimination
• Claims Against a Local Telephone Company to Remedy Pregnancy Discrimination
• Representation of Scores of Businesses Sued on Account of Business Issues or Accidental Injuries
• Cases Involving Trespass to Land and Harm to Timber, Trees, and Real Property
• Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPS) Litigation
• Highway Design Accidents

• Representation of Southland Corporation (7-11) in Franchise Disputed Matters
• Common Carrier Defense of Greyhound in Accident Cases
• Representation of Chrysler in Distributor Issues
• Representation of the Port of Seattle in Litigated Real Estate Issues
• Participation in Nation's Only Litigated Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Case
• Accidents Occurring in Supermarkets and Other Commercial Establishments
• Product Failures Causing Severe Water Damage
• Fire Damage Litigation
• Electrical Equipment Failure
• Failure of Imported Products
• Insurance Bad Faith
• Restaurant and Tavern Liability ("Dram Shop") Matters
• Contaminated Food Products
• Misappropriation of Trade Secrets and Confidential Information
• Family Law Matters
• Mediation and Settlement of Hundreds of Personal Injury Claims