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At the Law Office of Martinus L. Johnson, Jr, PLLC, one of our favorite roles is counseling and otherwise assisting businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve success. Why? Because faith, thoughts, actions, and plans are the keys to entrepreneurship and business growth. Our team enjoys working in those arenas with dedicated men and women who are looking to turn their own faith, thoughts, actions, and plans into successful businesses. Marty Johnson is also a certified member of the John Maxwell Team and is available to provide executive coaching and leadership training. 

High reward can result from entrepreneurship. Yet developing and operating a business has never been as risky, competitive, and demanding as it is today. Every business or serious entrepreneur should have "a friendly alliance of minds" or a mastermind group with whom to vet actions and plans and secure advice. It is advisable to have a business attorney as part of your team. That is where we offer our assistance, in a spirit of harmony, helping you obtain your defined goals.

Business Woman

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
– Napoleon Hill

Employment Law

• Employment Contracts
• Non-Compete Agreements
• Severance Agreements
• Non-Solicitation Covenants
• Termination/Wrongful Discharge
• Employee Handbooks and Policies
• Employer/Employee Immigration Law Issues
• Employees and Intellectual Property
• Wage and Hour Violations
• Discrimination
• Disability
• Family and Medical Leave
• Sexual Harassment

Business & Entrepreneurship Law

• Business Organization
• Strategic Planning
• Contracts
• Employment Agreements
• Compliance with Regulatory Regimes
• Representation and Advocacy before Regulatory Authorities
• Identification and Control of Intellectual Property
• Employment of Foreign Nationals and U.S. Immigration Law
• General Counsel Services